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In order to withdraw ( Get Your Profit and Send it to your Wallet ), You Should First have an active deposit on and have profit in your account balance then Follow the below steps as the example:
Step 1 : Login to your account and go to profile page to set your wallet address.
Step 2 : Go to the Withdraw page.
Step 3 : Choose your withdrawal payment method ( In each currency you made deposit, You can withdraw your profit in the same currency )
Step 4 : Write the amount you want to Withdraw in Dollar.
Step 5 : Click on the "Withdraw" button.
Step 6 : in the new page, check your Withdrawal details and Follow the process.
Passing the above steps, If everything has been done successfully, You will receive a successful withdrawal message.
All Withdrawals are manual and up to 24 hours. So please wait up to 24 hours to receive your withdrawal in your wallet.
Since the process of each payment method is different from the others and we have various payment methods, If you have any questions please contact the support team.

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