How To Deposit on

Deposit Help

In order to make deposit ( Investment on and earn Profit ), You Should First Register Then Login to your account (Register and Login Help) and Follow the bellow steps as the example :
Step 1 : Login to your account and go to the deposit page.
Step 2 : Choose and Tick your investment plan.
Step 3 : Write the amount you want to deposit in Dollar.
Step 4 : Choose your payment method.
Step 5 : Click on the "Deposit" button.
Step 6 : in the new page, check your deposit details and Follow the process.
Passing the above steps, If everything was done successfully, You will receive a successful deposit message.
Since the process of each payment method is different from the others and we have various payment methods, If you have any questions please contact the support team.

Deposit Help
Deposit Help