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How Referral Program Works?

Each user can join our referral program so simple and free.
To earn referral commission you just need to register for free.
As soon as you register, a unique link is created for you automatically which is your referral link.
You can put this link or our Marketing banners with your referral link anywhere you want and introduce to others and invite them to come to our website with your referral link and make a deposit.
As soon as your referral or the referral of your referral makes a deposit, You earn N% ( it depends on your referral level ) as referral commission automatically

Total Referral Prize

All our users ( except our promotional monitors and blogs ) can earn prize beside their referral commission if their total referral deposits reach to :
1000$ Total Referral Deposits : 100$ as prize
5000$ Total Referral Deposits : 200$ as prize
10000$ Total Referral Deposits : 500$ as prize
20000$ Total Referral Deposits : 700$ as prize
50000$ Total Referral Deposits : 1000$ as prize

So if your total referral deposits reach to 50000$ you have earned 2500$ as prize beside your referral commission.!!!

How It Works


You register on our website for free
and get an unique referral link


You give your referral link to others
and they click on it and register


Our system tracks
your unique URL


Your referrals up to four levels
make a deposit on their accounts


You earn referral commission in the same
currency that your referrals have made deposit

Important Notice

Each user can have only ONE account.
Our system checks all of the users' IP addresses automatically and if we find one IP with more than one account, we block all the accounts of that IP address.
Each user ONE account only !!!

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