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The safest place for you to invest money is an Integrated investment platform which lets you take part in the developmental process of the Scientific Blockchain Research.
In Bit Invest Limited, We are a group of 9 economist professionalized in Blockchain technology.
As you know, we can change the future of Blockchain by our scientific research and technological developments in the field of E-Currencies and Tokens.

What we do in Bit Invest Limited:

  • Specialized scientific research on the structure of Blockchain.
  • Presentation of New Crypto Currencies and New Tokens.
  • Providing new methods to mine different crypto currencies with Green Energy.
  • Providing new scientific methods to develop the Blockchain technology.
  • Presentation of new security solutions to change Blockchain to the safest investment platform.

We believe that Blockchain is the future of the economy, Therefore investment on Blockchain is investment on the future.

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Bit Invest Limited is officially registered in the UK Companies House. It works under the monitoring of London local rules and regulations.
The Company Office is also registered legitly.

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Secured Investment Platform Is a platform highly secured against any ddos attack and it is equipped with a powerful and the safest SSL certificate.
The security of your money is our first concern.

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Bit Invest LTD Management Team






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Administrative Manager

Bit Invest LTD Certificate

Bit Invest Limited was stablished on 27 May 2021, By the company Number of 13425444 in London Companies House by Mr JAMES BIBI who was born on 05 Jul 1984 in London.
Mr JAMES BIBI is a professional economist who has worked on Blockchain technology Since 2013
The Office of Bit Invest Limited Company is also registered as 64 NARBONNE AVENUE , London , England SW49JT

Bit Invest Limited Contacts:
- Office Tel: +442030263051
- Whatsapp Support: +447459906358
- Telegram Support: @BitinvestSupport
- Telegram Group: @bitinvestltd
- Email:
- Skype:

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Our legit investment platform is monitored under London rules and regulations.

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Anonymous Investment

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Safest Security

Our system is secured and protected using the highest DDos protection and SSL certificate.

Financial Transparency

In our investment platform you can see all of the transactions done during a day.

What Local Customers Think?

The Best Investment Platform I have seen, All the Withdrawals are done regularly in less than 24 hours. I suggest this platform absolutely.

Linda Carl London, UK

It seems that the BitInvest Team is so professional and ontime. I like their plans and I have earned good amount for referral commission from this platform

Merry Thomas London, UK

I know Mr James Bibi. He is a gentleman , he is so honest and handsome too. I have worked with him for a long time and he has helped me to grow more and more. thanks him.

Ashely moring London, UK

Most of the investors look for higher profit but I believe that reasonable profit is more safe. I like the Investment plans here, they can be for a long term investment.

Suzan Peterson London, UK

I have not had any experience in crypto trading, but as the world economy is moving forward to crypto currencies , we need to work with these currencies to grow with the new economy. I suggest this platform to all of the visitors.

Isabella rayan London, UK Registered Office